Bug Screens

Fenceline Sampling Kits

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Protects against stinging bugs making nests

Item# Bug Screen

Fenceline monitoring Equipment

$125.00 USD

Passive  Sampling Caps

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Method 325 Tube Shelters

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$23.00 USD

Passive sampling cap for use on Field Samples & Duplicates for Fenceline Monitoring.

Item# DC60

Method 325 Sampling Kit

$97.00 USD

Tube Shelter with 4 Brackets for Passive Sampling Tubes.  Installation hardware is included.

Item# BTEX-S-4

Source ID Active Sampling Kits

Utilizing the same sorbent tubes used for fenceline monitoring, a personal sampling pump can quickly pull grab samples for an instantaneous measurement.   The Active Sampling Kit can be used for collecting ambient samples between the source and the monitoring station. The pump provided allows for larger volumes and reporting limits similar to the 14‐day fenceline monitoring reporting limits.

325 Fenceline Monitoring Powered by Eurofins Air Toxcs & Camsco

$38.00 USD

1/4" x 3.5" Inert Coated Stainless Steel ATD Tube, Preconditioned and capped with Brass Compression Caps.

Item# SIC60524-B                 

Method 325 Passive Sampling Tube

Our Sampling Kit is designed for you to be able to carry out one complete 14 day sampling event.  Everything you need for deploying, harvesting, and shipping samples to the laboratory is contained in this kit.

  • Passive Sampling Tubes in Tube Storage Containers
  • Wrenches for Compression Caps
  • Diffusive Sampling Caps
  • Field Test Data Sheets & Chain of Custody Forms
  • Clipboard & Pen
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Numbered Security Ties for shipment to the Laboratory
  • Sweat Resistant Ice Packs
  • Desiccant Pack to reduce moisture