325 Fenceline Monitoring Powered by Eurofins Air Toxcs & Camsco

Monitoring Equipment & Eurofins Air Toxics Accredited 325B Laboratory Analysis Includes:

  • Inert Coated Passive Sampling Tubes (5 Sets of Sampling Tubes)
  • Sampling Tube Shelters (required number for the refinery)
  • Passive (Diffusive) Sampling Caps (required number for the refinery)
  • Sampling Kits (5 Sampling Kits)
  • Equipment technical support & training from Camsco
  • Laboratory technical support from technical experts from Eurofins Air Toxics
  • Refinery location identification nameplates installed on all 5 Sampling kits
  • Reporting of bi-weekly sampling results for Benzene (other compounds available)
  • Bi-weekly delivery of results in Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD) format & PDF
  • Laboratory technical support
  • Complementary analytical tools to assist with source identification CLICK TO LEARN MORE

Sampling Kit

Camsco Sampling Kit

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325 Monitoring Programs (Pilot Studies & Continuous Monitoring)

Equipment & 325B Laboratory Analysis  

Eurofins Air Toxics & Camsco offer complete and easy to implement monitoring programs for refineries, consultants, or anyone handling fenceline monitoring in some capacity.  Every monitoring program includes a dedicated Project Manager, Technical Experts to answer your data questions, all necessary Monitoring Equipment and Accredited Method 325B Analysis for your samples on a bi-weekly basis.

Project Management

  • Site Mapping & Planning 
  • Scheduling & coordinating all shipments of sample tubes throughout the entire process i.e. tube conditioning, lab analysis, refinery sampling etc.   
  • Keeping the refinery stocked with sample tubes ready for deployment per Method 325
  • 100% replacement of defective equipment at no charge (duration of contract)